• By joining the Arts Council of Central Louisiana, you are supporting a creative, prosperous, and livable community, as well as ensuring the availability of lifelong learning in the Arts for all.
  • You can assure the future of the Arts in Central Louisiana, and ensure that our unique culture and way of life never fades. Please consider joining the Arts Council of Central Louisiana by making a charitable gift.
  • As a sponsoring business of the Arts Council, you are letting your Community know that that you value the quality of life afforded to your employees, customers, and neighbors by the Arts. Your sponsorship will be made known by the Arts Council through its various media opportunities, and you will become a partner of the Arts Council in creating a vibrant and dynamic cultural economy in Central Louisiana.

At the Arts Council, we truly believe that Art Changes Everything!

We hope you will join us in our Mission!

Individual Members

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Donor$100 - $249

Corporate Associates

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